#Smile 365

November Smiles [Top Ten]

November 30, 2018

1.   Attending a happily-ever-after wedding
2.   Not being called in for Jury duty
3.   Having the gym check-in guy refer to me as Miss, not Ma'am
4.   Serving at a local "Farm" for rescued animals
5.   Having Thanksgiving dinner in my son's new forever home
6.   Spending time with the kiddos in a "game" of volleyball
7.   Watching "Ralph breaks the Internet" with family (go see it!), followed with dinner out
8.   Sharing service time with my daughter and granddaughters to set up a Christmas tree for family
9.   Creating places for decor in our new home
10. Beating the mattress and getting to the gym

1.   A great facial
2.   Lunch with an old friend
3.   Fenton family pie night the week before Thanksgiving
4.   Watching Love, Kennedy with ALL the youth
5.   Watching Johnny Lingo with the girls
6.   Johnny Lingo night for Young Women
7.   Watching The Little Mermaid with Makena and Dakota (Lots of movie watching this month!)
8.   Hallmark Christmas movies!!!
9.   Thanksgiving with family
10. Putting up the Christmas tree (I know it's early, but don't judge me)


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