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Swap and Save [downsizing tip]

December 07, 2018

Three months ago we moved in a heartbeat.  

Events happened so quickly, my grown children had a roller-coaster of emotions.  It will take some time and new memories to make the adjustment.

It wasn't planned, sort of.  Two years ago we started updating our home and also, just in case we wanted to sell our home quickly - sometime, we could.  It's never been my way to fix up a space for someone else.  If an expense is going into it, we're going to get all the emotional value from it we can.

If you haven't read by now, our motto for the last two years has also been "live like you're moving".  Our quick change of address was sooo much easier physically, mentally, and emotionally with all those closets, drawers, kitchen and garage decisions made.  "If we were to move, would we need this, have room for it, or take this?  And why?

In downsizing we left a four bedroom, 3 bath, large loft, family and living rooms . . . to a three bedroom, 2 bath and a powder room, a LARGE laundry room, tons of cabinets and storage and all the rooms are larger in sq footage.  There is one great room where we can increase the footprint with a larger area rug later. 

We gave one son our formal dining table and chairs.  Another received an additional table and chairs, a loveseat and ottoman.  Then I started swapping with my married children.

My daughter inherited the piano we purchased when she was six.

I traded it for her keyboard that wasn't being used very often.

On the morning my son was moving into their new "forever home" which they had recently
renovated, I had the idea to ask if they wanted to swap their sitting room furniture for my leathers.  Sure!
In their new space in the grandkiddos playroom.

We traded for their gray couch and their two occasional chairs.  At some point the chairs will go into each of the bedrooms and we will add additional seating.  They blend nicely with the gray floral chair and ottoman that no longer had a place when Mr B and I are back to sharing an office space now.
I have always loved those two little chairs!
One of the biggest challenges was letting go of my gorgeous 10 ft Christmas tree.  It's a beauty and so realistic.  There just wasn't a footprint for it in our new home.  What to do?  I first asked the new buyers of our home if they would like it - for free!  They declined, and I then went to a friend up the street who had our same model and asked her.  Want to swap Christmas trees?  My 10 ft for your 7 1/2 ft?  She had to think about it.   And then agreed.  When she saw how beautiful it was, her face lit up.

Well, I couldn't really go down to a 7 1/2 ft tree, so I ordered an 8 1/2 ft online and gave the swapped tree to my son who had recently moved into a new home.  (Different son than one with the couches.  All our family, but one, changed addresses this year!)
It is a process to decorate a new, smaller tree and will probably look different next year, yet it's very realistic and pretty as well.

It may seem like I didn't get the better end of the deals I made, yet can I tell you what an interesting and satisfying feeling it is to have just what you need without wanting more.  Each room in our home has a sense of peace and of being enough.  We're home again.

Mr. B tackles the backyard in a couple months.  It ended up being as large as our previous one.  Big plans, but NO pool.

I love how if you love and care for your home, it has a way of giving back.  Peace to you and yours as well.


  1. Bailey, My Mr. B and I always do the "What if we move. . ." especially during hurricane season. It would be a MAJOR project, but we pretty much agree on the big things that would go with us. One friend recently asked us what's keeping us here. Well, our son is here and our house is paid for are the main reasons. But it would be fun to start fresh. Congratulations on your new adventure.

    1. Thank you! I, too, have always wondered why people live in tornado or hurricane country. Yet, it's home, right? If our move hadn't been divinely directed, we would still be living happy as a lark. Change is good - so if you ever get the notion to move, give the thought some place to grow. You never know . . . Merry Christmas!


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