2019 Word(s) of the Year

January 03, 2019

Do you pick a focus word for the year?  A theme that drives you to stretch inward, push outward, strive upward, to be more than you currently are.  I think it's a great idea and started a couple years ago.  The word may come from the small voice within urging greater courage to step out of the box, out of your comfort zone.  Or is it a word begging for more clarity, more simplicity in your life?  As you begin 2019 this focus word will be your touchstone or guiding star as new ideas, opportunities, questions and decisions pop up on the horizon.

Not ready to commit to one word for a whole year?  For two years we offered the monthly Be-Attitude words and began the act of "becoming".  We found it easier to focus on one attribute for a shorter length of time and record the experiences.  You can find our list HERE. 

How do you select a word?  Maybe it has already chosen you.  Is there something you are currently doing and want to continue to the next level?  Is there a desire CONNECT more with others?  Do you need a large dose of COURAGE?  Is there a big project you really need to FINISH?  Does this noisy world give you a yearning for PEACE?   Do you feel a need to be more INTUITIVE?  Be still and search deeply within for questions and answers.

While you're thinking deeply . . . here's an fun, easy way to start brainstorming and evaluating vacancies and dreams in your life.  I found it on Facebook, so it's legit, right?

First let me clarify.  Being the orderly person I am I started at the top row - (habit I guess because I always sit at the front of a class) - and started scanning and found 2 words on the first row.  But wait!  I only get 3 choices, so I jumped down and randomly found another word . . . Magic, Joy Wonderful.  A little generic.  I suggest it's more fun to start randomly on the page and find 3 words.  But then, I need more spontaneity in my life.  Can you find that word?

Some responses on Facebook were:

Smiles - Hilarious - Kindness
Magic - Passion - Connection 
Wonderful - Triumphant - Spirit
Magic - Luminous - Joy
Golden - Chief - Star
Magic - Giggles - Healing
Curious - Divine - Golden

My favorite so far is:  Sit - Cell - Silly.  Kristen said, "I'm interpreting this as I need time to sit down, talk on my cell and laugh and be silly . . . this sounds so appropriate.  I rarely have free time."

Once you have selected a theme for the year, look at all its dimensions like a Rubik's cube and consider its definitions, various applications and how it will fit into your life.  Play around with it and see how it settles and begins to grow.

My one word for 2019 is CREATE.  It's not necessarily a new word for my life, yet I'm looking at it differently.

How I plan to implement my word:

Over the last few months I have felt the need to re-establish or CREATE routines in my life.  Time for morning devotionals and evening recording of my very simple daily goals.  Time for practicing the piano.  Time for my life stories.

CREATE a Book of Remembering journal of the good things and messages I have noticed and felt throughout the day.

CREATE a warm, inviting space for others in my life.  Our new home is ready for new friendships and new memories with our family. 

CREATE a new talent with watercolors.  I've been wanting to explore this art for years and now it's time.  What I will do with my creations is still to be determined.

What do you think!  One Word of the Year - or one Be-Attitude for a month?  I would love to hear what it is.

Let's make 2019 an exciting, peaceful, healing, transitional, audacious year!  Pick what you need.


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