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310+ Days until Christmas

January 25, 2019

Does it sound odd to be talking about Christmas in January?  The decorations are put away.  Diets have begun and the gym is full of good intentions.  We have caught our breath after of 3 months of festivities and the cold, dreary month is just about over.  So, why would Christmas be on my mind?

One of our holiday traditions has been to help out a family with gifts or give them a 12 days of Christmas or just let them know they are in our thoughts.  Those good intentions usually cost money and sometimes when it all adds up, the gift giving isn't so enjoyable anymore, even if the funds are there.  Or, maybe that's me.

The idea of the Christmas jar comes from Jason Wright's book, Christmas Jars.  I've read several of his books and am always inspired by a suggestion that is easy to put into practice.

Every year we save our spare change and every year we give it away.  We keep the jar and use the money for a family or gift it, not give the whole jar with money away.  It makes for a good story, though  

I must have been a little over zealous when I bought such a large jar.  It wasn't filling up very fast; however, last year it yielded $340, plus change.  Mr. B puts in his spare change during the week.  I add to it whenever my wallet gets heavy.  Sometimes when I have $5 bill at the end of the week, I'll throw it in, too. 

What a simple way to have extra money for service during an already expensive month of giving. 

Our Christmas Jar - weekly spare change, plus $5 here and there.

Whoever made this jar probably assumed the buyer would come up with some cute label or lettering to cover that black spot.  It sits in Mr. B's closet, so not likely to happen.


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