#Smile 365

January Smiles [Top Ten}

January 30, 2019

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1.   receiving an unexpected compliment
2.   finding a new scrumptious, easy dessert
3.   watching the movie "Trek" with family
4.   discovering a new Netflix show, Designated Survivor
5.   creating successful routines
6.   being invited to dinner for a meet and greet
7.   enjoying a friend's newly renovated kitchen and also a lovely dinner
8.   finding out I have an exceptionally gifted and talented grandson (no surprise to me, though)
9.   50-60 degree weather in January
10. finishing my granddaughters quilt top

1.   Trip to South Carolina to visit friends
2.   Quick camping trip to Georgia
3.   FaceTime calls with Jessa
4.   Watching a family grow through adoption
5.   Chicken noodle soup in my Instant Pot
6.   Smiles and hugs from LJ
7.   Helping My Mr. B sand and paint that one last door
8.   Watching the youth learn to dance
9.   Seeing my daughter fine tune her bread baking skills
10. Welcoming in 2019



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