#Learn Something New

Learn Something New

February 05, 2019

Can you relate?

Last year we invited you to join the challenge, "live like you're moving".  Many people recognize the need for more peace that comes from a more organized lifestyle, yet find it overwhelming to make a change.  If you didn't join us last year, the invitation is still open.  Discover how your efforts can be lasting.  When done right there is no need to keep de-junking every year.  

We make it easy by taking a room, a closet, or a drawer at a time.  Slow and steady does win the race.  You can find blog posts under #Essential Living and #Home CPR.

When I began this challenge, I had no inkling of how it would benefit me personally.  There were no thoughts of moving anywhere on the radar.  Maybe it's the Law of Attraction at work.  You attract what you think or feel?  What I do know is it made moving so much easier, less expensive or stressful knowing everything being packed was already deemed "useful or beautiful". 

It's amazing to have room to breathe and feel content with enough.

This year we're paying attention to what we have learned each month - and writing it down, of course.  Would you like to join us?  I'm creating space for playing piano, learning Spanish, journaling, and beginning watercolors.  What's been on your list for a few years?   


P.S.  February is the new January.  You still have time to begin.

Image credit: Joanna Kosinska


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