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5 Tips to Fail Better

February 07, 2019

What do you do when you fail?  On a test, on the job, with a goal, with a dream, in a relationship, or in your mind?

Many of us feel immobilized with thoughts of "What now?" or "I give up."

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another 

with no loss of enthusiasm."  - Winston Churchill

Easier said than done.

Here are some reminder tips for you and me:

1.  Give space for the feelings
Fear, anger, embarrassment, or loss of control.  It takes time to process; however, resist any thoughts of hosting a pity party.  They aren't very fun or well attended.   

2.  Manage the mind chatter
Avoid labels and don't believe everything you think!  Consider - What are the truths trusted friends tell me?  What are the lies I tell myself?  Exit the mental recording loop and get off the roller coaster.  Life will stop spinning and the scenery will be much more satisfying.

3.  Own the defeat
Owning a failure doesn't mean you always and forever have to feel guilt over it.  Identify your part of the problem and make course corrections.  There is no other way.

4.  Accept the risk
All worthwhile endeavors involve risk, and we simply cannot control every outcome.  It's what life is made of.  Instead of mistakes, I prefer to call them errors in judgment - a temporary loss of sensibility.  

5.  What can I learn from this?
In a perfect world we wouldn't make mistakes.  We also wouldn't experience the joy of succeeding.  The goal would be to never repeat the same mistake twice.  Yet, we don't live in that world either.  We're human.

Keep trying.  You're doing better than you think!

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