#Smile 365

February Smiles [Top Ten]

February 23, 2019

1.   Enjoying a weekend visit from my sister and Hub
2.   Starting to watercolor
3.   Every Thursday night at the Temple with Mr. B
4.   Receiving an unexpected heavy snowfall
5.   Sewing my granddaughter's quilt for her 8th birthday
6.   Watching 2 granddaughters play volleyball
7.   Finishing shiplap on our entryway ceiling
8.   Going out to dinner with a granddaughter
9.   Baking Texas cookies
10. Las Vegas SUNSHINE again!

1.   A great day at the Temple with my Beehives
2.   A friend's special birthday party
3.   An afternoon baking cookies with Dakota
4.   A love attack from my young women
5.   The Masked Singer (I've figured out two of the finalists!)
6.   Valentine's Dinner with old friends
7.   A camping weekend with friends at the Fiddler Crab Festival
8.   A corn dog and funnel cake
9.   Getting back on my bike after breaking my tailbone
10.  Adding to our family by gaining a new daughter-in-law!


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