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Life Lessons in Tidying Up

February 27, 2019

Yes - What Bailey said about goals!  I made myself a promise when I retired in December of 2016 that I was going to get my house in order/organized.  That meant I should have been working on it in 2017.  Well . . . then Bailey came up with that "Live like you're moving" theme for 2018.  To be honest, at first I thought she meant we were going to focus on exercise - you know, moving our bodies!  Did I tell you that before?

When I figured out what she really meant, I tried to keep up.  I'm not going to tell you how many times I reorganized my pantry and spice cabinets.  My office/craft room will always be a work in progress.

When Hurricane Michael hit the gulf coast last year, we dodged a bullet - AGAIN!  If it had landed 50 miles to the west, we would have been in a terrible mess.  My Mr. B has been to the affected area many times with his tractor and teams of friends to help with the clean-up.  It is a mess and those people have years of work ahead of them.

Now we are talking/thinking about looking for something a little further from the water.  A couple of our friends and neighbors have already sold their homes and will be moving to town soon.  I'll be honest (I try to always be honest with you guys), and tell you that we probably won't move.  We like our house and our property.  But, if a good deal fell in our laps we may just jump on it.

So now I'm trying my best to "Tidy Up," just in case My Mr. B comes home one day and says, "we're moving!"    I'm doing it slow and steady, and I'm happy to report that I feel lighter, freer (is that a word?) and more satisfied.  Why am I a year behind in this?

First My Mr. B's sock drawers:

Look at that neatness.  Don't judge me - you need to know I am doing this by taking tiny steps. Now take a look at his T-shirt drawer.

Then I tackled my closet.  I needed to get this done in a day, because Mr. B really likes to sleep in his own bed and these clothes would be in the way.

So let this be the year that I learn more about what makes me feel good, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Hopefully I'm on the right track.  If you want to help - or have 10 acres for sale cheap in Northwest Florida, please let me know.


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