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Life Lessons on the Essentials

February 01, 2019

1.  It takes 136 steps to make my bed.
I'm okay with that.  I doesn't take long and I get credit if I'm wearing my Fitbit.  Life gets messy sometimes, so clean it up.  The look of a beautiful, made bed brings peace to the room.  It also is one of the keystone habits to achieving other goals.  Win - win.

2.  9:30 a.m. is not the best time to go to the gym.
All the parking lots are full.  I thought people worked during the day?  When you live in a 24-hour town, I guess they are hitting the gym after getting off work.  So, what is the best time to exercise?  Anytime!  Just go and join the ranks.  I'm always glad I did.

3.  Audio books are a workout essential.
There is a very noticeable difference in my motivation level to working out (and I use that term loosely) when I have an audio book on my Overdrive app.  It's a game changer, like free shipping with Wayfair.  I look forward to the gym time and can easily stay longer.  And sometimes run faster and jump higher.  I love it when a book on my library wait list shows up.  I hate it when they come all at once.

4.  Routines are critical to achieving a goal.
I'm convinced now, or again, that routines can solve just about any time management or organization dilemma.  The success rate of goals jumps to a new level, the flow of life is more relaxed, and essentials and extras actually get done.  Mr. B has had it figured out for quite a while, or for several decades, so it makes it even easier when I align my routines with some of his.
I haven't touched the stuff since January.  
(The candy)
5.  It's easier to cut out than to cut down.
During the holidays I consumed large amounts of sugary treats and desserts and enjoyed every single one of them.  I didn't even pretend that it bothered me because we all know January is just around the corner, a time to get back on the wagon.  I did wonder, however, if maybe I should check into a rehab center.  

For me it's far easier to "just say No" than to say "well, maybe a little".  I've also learned it's important to make that decision before you go somewhere where there will be delectable temptations.  Does this mean I have sworn off all sugar and desserts?  No.  I join in for birthdays or for dinner with friends.  It's very noticeable that the longer I stay away from treats, the stronger resolve I have to leave them alone.  

How about you?


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