#Smile 365

April Smiles [Top Ten]

April 28, 2019

We're going to visualize Spring coming to everyone in April.

1.   Receiving 6 large, freshly made, scrumptious cinnamon rolls!
2.   Finishing 30 darling baby hats 
3.   Spending 4 days in the Temple
4.   Reading great books
5.   Focusing on the Savior during "Holy Week"
6.   Learning how to make Easter as special as Christmas with David and Emily  (Don't miss them!)
7.   Taking a road trip to Montana with sisters and a 3-day visit with my 96 yr old Mother
8.   Sharing 2 hours with an unknown second cousin and seeing her family photos
9.   Getting back to Spring and Sunshine
10. Watching Jr High volleyball

1.   A friend's birthday party.
2.   Turning a year older!
3.   Watching one of my young women shine on stage as Alice.
4.   Lunch with an old friend.
5.   Exercising with younger friends (or not)!
6.   New pool side furniture.
7.   Avengers: Endgame!!
8.   New recipes in my Instant Pot.  Some keepers and some not.
9.   Hearing from an old high school friend!!
10. A beam in my living room.


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