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Top Knot Baby Hats

April 13, 2019

I'm part of a Women's organization in our area for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  One of our primary goals is to serve others.  In April we set up a Service day of a variety of projects to fill needs locally.  Many of these needs came from the national website called Just Serve.  It's purpose is to bring non-profit organizations and volunteers together.  Check out your area and see what's available to you.

Completed Projects:  150 women participating, others donating
  • 145 t-shirt bags, 72 t-shirts, 40 blankets donated to Shade Tree
  • 85 door window coverings (for school shelter-in-place drills) donated to a High School
  • 12 tied quilts
  • 24 fleece blankets donated to a Rehabilitation Center
  • 950 diapers and 28 pkgs of wipes donated to Las Vegas Diaper Bank
  • 74 Easter baskets - 45 taken to Memory Care and others distributed to the 9 churches in our area for anyone who would appreciate being remembered.
  • 51 baby hats for a hospital neo-natal unit
  • 51 refugee kits 
  • 50 File Folders donated to 6 schools, 1st year teachers in our area
  • Socks and shoes donated to Happy Feet
  • 125 cards made

I learned something new this month!  These adorable baby hats were one of my contributions.  Beforehand I sewed the hat and brim sections and a few ladies helped me turn them right sides out and attach the brim piece.  Tie the two "ears" into a square knot.  WaLa!  Great to make up ahead of time and add to a baby shower gift.
We made 30 hats and donated them to a local hospital.
You can find the pattern and directions HERE on Pinterest.  They are very easy to make, yet a beginning sewer would need some guidance.
These cute hats were also made and donated.
I'm showing my ignorance in not knowing if the above hats are knitted or crocheted.  Either way I love and appreciate this talent and skill in others.  They have done it so long they most likely can talk and knit (or crochet) at the same time.  I admire anyone who can do this with so much ease.

What can you do?  First observe . . . then serve.  There are opportunities all around.  Have you found an organization or project that makes your spirit soar?


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