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Virginia to Washington DC

May 20, 2019

When good friends invite you to join them for a week in Virginia, the answer is always, YES!

Mr. B and I don't have any connections to time-share properties, so we heartily accepted.  We have enjoyed vacation time with this couple for the last three years, yet never sharing the same space.  Would we still be friends after a week?  Well, Mr. B and I were on our best behavior the whole time in case they wanted to invite us along again.  I think we did ok.

Enjoying a beautiful view from a screened in porch in Williamsburg, VA.  Birds chirping, wind rustling through the trees, gentle rain, listening to an audio book.  Serenity!

Do you ever find it a challenge packing for a trip across the country, especially in the Spring?  More particularly THIS Spring season, and going from a desert to an oasis.  Do I pack a coat or are light sweaters enough?  Long pants or capris?  Good walking shoes or sandals?  Definitely packing an umbrella.
Mr. B packs days in advance.
I'm a last minute packer.  Decisions, decisions! 
A woman needs options.
Why does Mr. B always get the bigger suitcase?

I ended up wearing all but one of my clothing choices.  I regret I didn't pack a light jacket when our first day was cool cold and windy.  Lesson learned.  Mother Nature is a very good teacher.

PART ONE:  Washington DC

Image result for washington dc cherry blossom 2019
I have been to Washington DC in April have memories of beautiful, delicate pink blossoms.  Even with the crazy weather we missed it this year.

It really isn't possible to see and do everything in one trip or one week.  Age, time, transportation, and interests all are factored in to what you will experience.  Because we were traveling in from Virginia, we parked the car in a garage and purchased a 2-day pass for the Hop-on Hop-off bus. 
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Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Travel Tip:  Decide what's most important to YOU.  Seeing buildings and memorials or museums?  Just know your favorite museum could take 2-4 hours, or more.  If you want a little bit of everything, you might feel cheated in your overall experience.  Tough decisions - just like packing.
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Don't miss this!  
National Holocaust Memorial and Museum
Pictures are worth a thousand words.
Travel Tip:  If you aren't able to get Holocaust tickets in advance, go on the website at 6:00 am and look for same day openings.

“Let every nation know whether it wishes us well or ill
that we shall pay any price - bear any burden 
meet any hardship - support any friend
oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”
- President John F. Kennedy
Image result for washington dc spy museum
Don't miss this - It's NEW!
Shh.  Don't tell.  My cover name is Brighton Bayer - a Veterinarian from Tokyo Japan heading for Amsterdam.  A suspected tech firm had developed cutting edge artificial intelligence technology.  My mission is to . . . well if I told you, I would have to dispose of you.  Who knew I was a tech ops whiz and among the top 10% of all agents.  [It's entirely possible my identity as been confused with that of my son, the real wizard?]    

Image result for washington dc natural history museum
Don't miss this!
Smithsonian Natural History Museum
This was our last tour stop in DC and I so wished we had gone sooner and stayed longer.  After seeing the precious gems, I should have let Mr B go visit the animals while I went to the Butterflies.  "If you've seen one butterfly, you've seen them all."  Is that true? 

PART TWO:  Jamestown, Virginia

The first permanent English Colony

A little Fairy dusting - came prepared for inclement weather.

Powhaton Indian huts

Related image
"...the plantation can never florish till families be planted
and the respect of wives and children
fix the people on the soil."
The Indispensible Role of Women

PART THREE:  Colonial Willimsburg

This marker was on a bridge pathway with inlaid quotes of inspiration.
Don't miss this City!
The world's largest living history museum.
If a Jefferson & Adams debate is available, see it!!
Mr. B asking for directions at the Capital building.

Williamsburg's version of DC's Mall.

"The dye is now cast,
the Colonies must either submit or triumph."
- King George III

One more before leaving.
Want to become a Book Fairy, too?

May we never forget Freedom isn't free.
Thank you Virginia for sharing your beauty and time with us!

And we still had a day to relax before going home.  
A very rare occurrence.


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