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Northeastern Trip - Part 1

July 25, 2019

In May, My Mr. B and I embarked on an epic RV trip, along with three other couples and their motorhomes.  We were going from Florida to Maryland, to Maine, into Canada, to New Hampshire, to Vermont, to New York and then head back home to Florida.  The planned trip would be 7 1/2 weeks.
We are the 5th wheel camper with the white truck, 
and these are two of the other couples.
Our first official stop was in Maryland.  We visited the beautiful campus of the Naval Academy at Annapolis.
My Mr. B on the campus of the Naval Academy
I knew that a dear friend of mine - she was actually my maid of honor in my wedding years ago - lived somewhere in the area.  She was about 30 minutes away and stopped everything to come visit us at the campground.  We haven't seen each other in probably 30 years, but it just seemed like yesterday.  And I cried when she left - because I missed her and I forgot to take a picture!!

Our plan was to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.  Lots of people had the same plan. Even though there were crowds of people, it was still so quiet and reverent as we all paid respect to those who have given so much for all of us.

The highlight of my day was reconnecting with another dear friend.  I had contacted her and told her what our plan was and where we would be.  And there, among throngs of people, we sat and caught up with each other.  She took time from her day off to come find me.

Note:  I hope I can be as good a friend as these ladies -
dropping everything to see an old friend!!

From Maryland we traveled through New York State on our way to Maine.  One thing My Mr. B was looking forward to was lobster and crab.  In fact, he has been saving all his aluminum cans and cashing them in for his "crab fund."  I will say that I'm not a huge fan, mainly because I don't like to work that hard for something that costs so much money.  Give me a steak and a steak knife and I'm good.  But My Mr. B, the great guy that he is, will sometimes give me some lobster or crab meat.

Now just try to stay with me for a little bit of picture overload.
Kennebunk, Maine (just across the bridge from Kennebunkport)

Freeport, Maine (and yes, I did get some Bean boots)

The beaches in Maine are a little different 
than our white sand beaches in Florida.
Breakfasts are an important part of camping.  Is it just me, or do campfire breakfasts taste better than any other breakfast?  One of the guys cooks up bacon and eggs.  Another one makes grits - which is a southern thing that I have not embraced, but everyone says they are delicious.  And me, well, I'm the pancake lady.  This particular morning we had some fresh blueberries, so I put them in the pancakes.

Bar Harbor, Maine
When one of our friends heard we were going to Bar Harbor, Maine, he told us about "Mary, the pie lady."  His family had vacationed in the area several times, and he said she made the best pies.  He didn't have an address, just a phone number.  So we called one morning and found out she was less than a half mile from the campground.
Now you have her phone number - if you're ever in the area.
And you can get them at Thurston's Lobster 

Let me introduce you to Mary, the pie lady.  She has a shed next to her house where she makes all her pies.  There were eight of us - so of course we NEEDED four pies!  We got two blueberry pies and two triple berry pies.
I think there are six cups of berries in each pie.
 And what goes great with homemade pie?   Of course, homemade ice cream!! 

Then we said goodbye to the shores of Maine and hello to Canada! . . . stay tuned!


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