#Smile 365

August Smiles [Top Ten]

August 31, 2019

1.   Cinnamon rolls!
2.   Enjoying a late birthday dinner with friends
3.   Hearing Jeffrey R. Holland speak in person
4.   Helping my sister organize her office
5.   Attending the Rexburg, ID temple
6.   Eating at The Hickory and ordering their big piece of mixed fruit cheesecake
7.   Lunching out with a new group of ladies
8.   Attending two scripture study groups - with dinner first
9.   Dining out with friends
10. Seeing the Lord's hand upon our family

1.    Floating in the pool
2.    Dinner out with friends
3.    Pedicures with my daughter-in-law
4.    Afternoon movies - Overcomer
5.    A new calling at church
6.    Making a new friend
7.    Baby shower for my soon-to-come grandchild
8.    Meeting my daughter-in-law's family
9.    My son and his wife purchasing a home (to bring that new baby home to)
10.  Happy calls from my daughter


  1. What a great month and it sounds like more good things to come! I was very moved when we saw "Overcomer". Great movie! We already have our tickets for "Downton Abbey".


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