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Red Personalities: The Movers and Shakers

August 10, 2019

Active, Driven, Visionary, Competitive, Determined, Resourceful
Insensitive, Selfish, Critical, Bossy, Disagreeable, Calculating 

Whew!  When you read the positive traits, do you wish someone was toasting you?  And then the other shoe drops, as it always does and there is a flip side - the limitations - to every personality color.  Don't shrink too much.  Everyone has wonderful positive traits and also self-defeating behaviors blocking growth and relationships.  The goal is to refine our personalities as we develop character.

                                            Red personalities are motivated by Power

Power can be healthy or unhealthy.  In this context Power is the ability to get from point A to point B, without any interference.  If you get in the way of point B, be prepared for conflict.  Reds seek control over and are committed to anything they deem important in their lives.  They are very easy to spot.  Natural leaders with incredible self confidence.  Logical, unemotional, opinionated and love to debate.  Successful and highly productive.  Entrepreneurs.  

  • to look good academically
  • to be right
  • to be respected
  • approval

  • to hide insecurities tightly
  • to please self
  • leadership
  • challenging adventure

Five ways to connect with a Red personality:

  • be logical, productive and efficient
  • demand their attention and respect
  • be direct and brief in conversations
  • offer leadership opportunities
  • support their decisiveness

  • always be an authoritarian
  • cry or argue with emotions
  • use physical punishment
  • expect an intimate relationship
  • take their arguments seriously

Interacting with a Red personality can be difficult if there isn't an understanding of what makes them tick or get ticked off.  It's really very simple.  They are ALWAYS right.  Quantity trumps quality.  Get to the point.  What's in it for me?

Reds are an asset to any organization or cause.  They love challenges and competitions, are self-motivated, excellent organizers and natural delegators.  In an emergency you want a decisive Red nearby.  They offer strength and protection.  John Wayne comes to mind.

Are you a Peacemaker - the opposite of a Red?  
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Image credit: unsplash-logoHu Chen


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