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Blue Personalities: The Do-Gooders

September 14, 2019

Committed, Creative, Nurturing, Purpose-Driven, Passionate, Sincere
Emotional, Judgmental, Perfectionist, Overwhelmed, Worry-prone, Unforgiving

I don't know where I saw this image, but it reminded me of Blue personalities:  creative, contemplative, with an open heart full of goodness.  Is there also a look of sadness in her countenance and a heart that could be zipped closed too easily?  Such is their challenge in life.  

As with all personalities, the strengths are admirable and the limitations are hard to accept.  Remember, each of the personalities have them and one personality is not better or more desirable than another.  When we accept and work on our limitations (not weaknesses), we are better able to connect with others and find greater synergy in our family and work relationships.

Blue personalities are motivated by Intimacy.

  • to be good (morally)
  • to be understood
  • to be appreciated
  • acceptance
  • to reveal insecurities
  • to please others
  • autonomy
  • security
Five ways to connect with a Blue Personality:

  • be sensitive, sincere and soft-spoken when communicating with them
  • act appropriately and well-mannered
  • be loyal and create security in a relationship
  • promote their creativity
  • show appreciation for all they do
  • be rude
  • make them feel guilty
  • expect spontaneity or demand immediate action
  • abandon them
  • expect quick forgiveness

If you are fortunate enough to have a Blue friend, you already admire the myriad of talents they possess.  Maybe you envy them.  "I would give anything to play the piano like them."... "How wonderful it would be to sing with such an angelic voice."... "Their creativity knows no bounds!"

First and foremost you probably wouldn't give what it takes to enjoy their skill levels.  All those talents take time, focus and commitment.  A Blue personality's motto is:  work before play.  They are high achievers with a strong sense of purpose and goal setters with superb follow through. Life is a serious endeavor.

Perfectionism will always be a challenge for Blues and the people who love them.  Worry and guilt are constant companions.  Emotions rule their lives.

You will never find a more loyal friend or companion through the thick and thin of things.  Their need for intimacy motivates them to seek deep connections with others. There are strings attached to a giving Blue heart and insecurities can lead them to question other's approval and acceptance.  Acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments and help them feel secure.  Blues may get hurt more easily, yet they will  risk what it takes to love and be loved.

Blues love with a passion and can be found supporting causes that bring greater quality to human lives.  They are the moral watchdogs of society and the glue that binds us together.  Blues remind us of an important priority in our lives - relationships.  They bring a touch of excellence to everything they do.

If you would like to give a bridal or baby shower that's over-the-top beautiful, enlist the help of one of your Blue friends.  It will be epic!

Think about it:   Is Walt Disney a Yellow or Blue personality?

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