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Closet Audit: Love it or Let it Go?

September 05, 2019

When the seasons change, so do the clothes.  
It's also a perfect time to conduct a Closet Audit!
And why?  I'm glad you asked.

  • free up some valuable closet space.
  • donate good clothing that hasn't seen the light of day.
  • release the guilt when constantly seeing clothes that realistically will not be worn again.
  • keep what fits, is in style and makes you feel fabulous!
  • make more room for a few new pieces of clothing to update your wardrobe. 
A dilemma was brought to my attention.
"If I'm not buying new clothes right now, why would I get rid of some?"  
-- from my son who has a closet of clothing he hasn't worn for a decade and more on the floor. 
"If you're not wearing them, then what difference does it make?" 
"My closet would look bare."  
"Then, go shopping.  It just might be time to update your style, too." 

Shopping?  I get it.  I confess I don't even like to do it.  I'm a buyer, not a shopper.  Get in, bag it and get out.  I found early on it was not a bonding experience with my daughter, who loves it.

If you have a tough time with decisions, ask a friend to help; however, be willing to listen to their input.

A Closet Audit involves a few questions:
  • Does it fit?  (Be real.  Look your best at your current weight.  No need to keep reminders of a different time and size.  Store any clothes you don't wear, yet can't part with . . . yet.)  
  • Have you worn it in the last year?  (Unless it's a bridal gown, evening wear, or a camo jacket your husband bought you, chances are you won't be wearing it this year either.)
  • Does it need repairs (a button sewn on, hemming, tailoring, cleaning)
  • Do you have more than 3 similar items?  (how many white tees before it reaches critical mass?)
  • Is there space in your closet?  (This is the Million dollar question!)    
  • Do you feel fabulous wearing it?  (Is it a flattering color for YOU?)
  • Is it a current style - or a classic one?  (Clothes can fit and make you feel fab, yet are out of style.)
One more:  Does it smell old?  You know what I mean.

Here is a peek at our master closet at our previous home.  I would have loved an organized custom closet, yet it wasn't a priority.  Still isn't.  I just envision this:

In this new home Mr. B and I have separate walk-in closets.  He IS a very orderly person, yet I love not having to look at his hunting and fishing stuff or other odds and ends.  All my shelves and clothes are organized with room to spare - and I even hang them up at night.

Me:  "I love having separate walk-in closets."
Mr. B:  "Me, too."

Below is a flowchart for the Closet Audit questions.  You can download a copy HERE.  It's a wonderful feeling to be content with what you have.

P.S.  Have you started our "Live like you're moving" Challenge?

Image credit: Becca McHaffie


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