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October 15, 2019

This year has been one of learning from the scriptures, particularly the New Testament.  For many years I have attended Sunday School lessons, yet never really connected with the Bible.  It wasn't necessarily the fault of the teacher; however, much like History in school, I needed more than names and dates and facts.  

Enter Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler - Christian Seminary and Institute instructors.  At the beginning of the year I stumbled across them and you won't want to miss them!  They are a fun and insightful duo and bring to the discussion table ideas I had never heard or considered.

Their weekly video lessons - Don't Miss This! - are on YouTube.  You can also sign up for their weekly newsletters with study tips for kids, teens, adults and couples.  Emily and David can be found individually on Instagram as well.  If this is the first you have heard of their lessons, no worries.  Listening to the beginnings of the New Testament is great during the Christmas season.

But wait . . . there's more!  Emily Freeman is a co-founder of Multiply GoodnessTheir mission:  to empower women to love God's Word and build bridges across different faith traditions through guided Bible study, inspired gatherings and intentional friendships for the purpose of multiplying goodness throughout the world.

Study guides are available for 6 wk periods with posts, short videos and discussions on Instagram.  The recent one - Known by God, the Nameless Women of the Bible - was fascinating and opened up the pages of the New and Old testament even more for me.

The next guide is going on sale Monday, November 4th.  I don't know the title, but from the pictures it may be Roles or Names of the Savior.

Instead of a new bookclub, I started a small weekly Bible study group called, Certain Women.  It is something good! 

As we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it's important to express gratitude for and to the source of all our blessings.  Enjoy the journey!

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