#Smile 365

October Smiles [Top Ten]

October 30, 2019

1.   Basking in sunny days (when other states are getting snow)
2.   Listening to a Prophet's voice and other church leaders for 2 days in the comfort of my home
3.   Attending a Women's church broadcast/and dinner out with my daughter and granddaughter
4.   Starting a Women's Bible study group
5.   Going to a fabulous church Fall Festival with food, fun and friends
6.   Asking Carlie Jane what kind of day she had (1-10): "10.  Why?  Because you're here!"
7.   Enjoying a short visit from my sister
8.   Meeting new neighbors
9.   Hearing the sound of trucks and pounding of nails on our street as new houses are built
10. Attending a picturesque wedding for a long awaited union

1.    Listening to church leaders for two days, in the comport of my recliner
2.    Surprise birthday party for my wonderful sister-in-law
3.    Attending a neighbor's wedding in a beautiful venue
4.    Getting to know a new friend as I take him to doctor appointments
5.    Celebrating my daughter-in-law's birthday, with a beautiful cake made by a friend
6.    Marty Stuart in concert - it was great
7.    Feeding the missionaries - one of them on his first day out
8.    Weekend camping trip with My Mr. B and my daughter
9.    Spending a week with my daughter
10.  Cuddling my new grandson


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