#Smile 365

November Smiles [Top Ten]

November 30, 2019

1.  Seeing workers in my backyard
2.  Installing shiplap in two hallways
3.  Piano recitals
4.  Sharing my son's 40th birthday
5.  Loving the smell as rain clouds gather
6.  Gathering as a family to contribute to the Light the World Giving Machines
7.  Breakfast out with the whole family - a very good morning
8.  Going to the movie, "Out of Liberty" (Mr B's ancestor, Caleb, was one of the men jailed.)
9.  Listening to my granddaughter's first vocal recital
10. Relaxing and eating with family on Thanksgiving day
1.    Girls' trip to New York City
2.    Seeing old friends in NYC
3.    Spending time with Nicco - my grandson
4.    Exercising at the gym with My Mr. B (Don't really like it - but I'm trying to convince myself and him that I do.)
5.    Getting my Honor Bee in Young Women
6.    Quiet time with my scriptures
7.    Dinner with the daughter of an old friend
8.    Thanksgiving dinner with my family
9.    Seeing Hamilton in NYC
10.  Putting up the Christmas tree


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