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2019 Recommended Reading

December 19, 2019

My Goodreads goal this year was a conservative 25 books.  I doubled it at 50.  

Life is just better with a book.  An audio book gets me to the gym and keeps me there.  I always have a (audio) book with me when I go for a doctor appointment, or it is never a problem to take someone to an appointment - even if it is a lengthy - because I have time to read.  I hope you never need an excuse to read.  Just do it.

I do give out 5 stars for a book if:

  • it keeps my attention.
  • I look forward to sitting down to read.
  • it's inspiring or entertaining.
  • it is a clean read with minimal or no bad language, especially for an audio book.
  • I can say, "Yes, read it!"
I'm not being paid to read books, so reading with a critical eye would take too much concentration.  My Goodreads bookshelf has a variety of fiction and non-fiction (audios for the gym).  I typically don't gravitate to YA, fantasy or content with dysfunctional families.  Southern women writers are my favorite because it seems all small towns tend to have common threads, and I grew up in a very small town in the "Middle of Nowhere" .  For real.

Recently a friend asked for some book recommendations while recuperating from surgery.  Here you go and you're welcome.

Books don't change people; paragraphs do,
sometimes even sentences.  - John Piper
The only thing you absolutely have to know
is the location of the library. - Albert Einstein


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