Annual Slumber under the Christmas Tree [printables]

December 17, 2019

Eleven years ago I started a new tradition with my grandchildren - then 4 and two at 2 1/2 years.  They are all invited over to our home for a "Slumber under the Christmas Tree" sleepover.  Over the years we have had themed activities centered on snowmen, Santa, trees, reindeer, the Grinch, the Nativity, to name a few.  

I've tried a variety of breakfasts to include even the most picky eater:  Ebelskivers, santa and elf pancakes, and breakfast pizza.  You would think cocoa and popcorn would be a no-brainer, but I have some who like hot cocoa, cold cocoa, chocolate milk from the jug or no cocoa.  I have now narrowed it down to our traditional breakfast coffee cake or Cinnamon Twists, since we don't drink coffee.  Even with those we have some kiddos who do or don't like scrambled eggs and one who requested no nuts on her Twist.

Our festivities will always include pizza for dinner, an art project, a kitchen creation, Christmas games and music, a scavenger hunt, a story, and a movie to settle them down before bed.  The craft is usually saved for the morning after breakfast.

During a conversation this popped up:

They asked:  "What is a cassette tape?"
Me: "It was before CDs, DVDs and flashdrives . . . and after records.  [I still have a cassette player.]

Me:  "Do you know what an 8-track is?"
Answer:  Does it have something to do with running?"
[Sigh.  So many memories lost to this generation]

Here are some links to our fun this year:

@ Fun Squared
@ Childhood 101
[I pinned the names on their backs]
Emoji guessing game
@ Fun Squared

Great Family Idea!!!#fun
from Pinterest
[I don't know the original source]

Christmas joke tellers | Christmas jokes for kids | school party | Christmas party | free printable | holiday jokes for kids | cootie catcher | fortune teller | #Christmas #fortuneteller #joketeller
@ Brendid

I bought a set of these years ago.  We have yet to master them.

This download of 6 Christmas Bell songs saved me the time 
to make them myself.  Trust me.

@ Play Party Plan
[Last year I started a scavenger hunt that ends with gifts of wrapped books, selected by their parents.  I love that my grandchildren enjoy reading, too - 
it seems to have skipped a generation.]

coffee filter snowflake watercolor winter window suncatcher toddler
@ Cafe Mom

Easy and fun!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Image credit: unsplash-logoGreg Rosenke


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