#Smile 365

December Smiles [Top Ten]

December 27, 2019

1.   the smell of fresh paint
2.   lunching out with friends at Cafe Rio
3.   seeing the construction fence removed on our street
4.   grandkiddos sleeping over
5.   dropping by our children's home each Sunday with a treat and message
6.   bowling and dining out with the family on Christmas Eve
7.   learning one of my sons got engaged on Christmas day!
8.   living close enough to my marrieds to spend time with each of them while they opened their presents
9.   playing charades, eating, watching the Disney + movie, Noelle, and loving the goodness in our family
10. going to the gym and listening to audiobooks   

1.    Camping trip to north Georgia with friends and family - and getting snow while there
2.    Spending time in Seattle with my daughter and son-in-law
3.    Spending time with Della and Oslo (and their mom and dad)
4.    Watching My Mr. B and daughter in a go-cart race
5.    Visiting the Seattle Temple
6.    Lunch with Dakota (She said, "Let's not tell mom and dad where we went.")
7.    Makena's Christmas concert
8.    Giving family heirlooms for Christmas presents
9.    Another great Brooke family Christmas
10.  Another year of friendship with Bailey!!


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