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Deck the Halls [with shiplap]

December 09, 2019

Our new home has a little tricky entry way for decorating.  For some reason it was designed with several niches - all different widths and very challenging to decide how to fill them minimally as to not stick out into the walkway.  

We do have two hallway walls that are perfect for accents of shiplap.  Mr. B has always been good about home projects.  I simply ask, give a suggested time frame, and I never have to mention it again.  Pretty amazing, right?  I know.

It's not the real Joanna Gaines shiplap.  I grew up on a small ranch, yet I'm not that rustic.  More of a Pottery Barn person.  These slats are easy to lock in place and can be placed nickel or double nickel-width spacing in between boards.  Mr. B learned how to use a paint sprayer and did a real fine job.

This wall faces the great room and is next to our master bedroom.  I always enjoy seeing my family coming and going.

Any time guests use our powder room, they get to see my arrangement of "be" sayings.

In shuffling accent tables around I had too many colors of wood for my liking.  I needed something common to link them together, so I chose black.  The small entry table (on the left) has been passed around the family for years.  It by no means is fancy or expensive, but is slim and perfect for the width and went from espresso to black.  The one on the right had two  much red in the wood, yet again was the perfect size so I opted to paint the front panels black.  I also chose the placement of the mirror to open up the space and show off my frames in the adjacent hallway.

On the other side of our entrance are these cute little snowmen I've had for years.

And what Christmas Hall is complete without deliveries from Amazon!
May you and yours enjoy the festivities of the holidays and remember the reason for the season.  Blessings to you!


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