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Learn to Watercolor [Two Artists]

December 01, 2019

Back in the day when I was tole painting . . . Oh, maybe you don't know what that is.   As friends we would meet weekly and learn how to paint, float and stipple cute designs for the holidays. 
This cute trio sits in my laundry room now to greet us.
It was a time of needlepoint and counted cross stitching, too.  Those were the days! 

There was a short time when I learned how to pen and ink.  Something like this:
I Swan... — A few tweets in colors (greeting cards).
It was a short phase, a little like when Disco made a flash appearance.  It was fun and then it disappeared, and we were left wondering, "Why didn't we do more of that?"

Well, it's time to jump in again with my desire to watercolor, and I wanted to highlight two lovely ladies who can help.

Emily @ Jones Design Company   (Instagram: JonesDesignCompany)

She offers simplified classes in:
  • Watercolors
  • Watercolor for Kids
  • Penmanship
  • Graphic Design
  • Photos
Watercolor for Kids
I selected the 10-lesson simplified watercolor class, and it's great to have the tutorials online and ready when I am.

You might also like Hannah Stevenson @ Lily and Thistle.  (Instagram:  Lily_and_Thistle)  

I subscribed to her email when my daughter alerted me to these adorable advent cards.
Step by Step Advent Calendar with Free Printable

Did you find a creative outlet that speaks to your soul?  
Creativity is Intelligence having fun.  - Albert Einstein
Enjoy yours!


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