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Levaine Chocolate Chip Cookie

December 11, 2019

Have you been searching for an amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe? 

I confess they aren't my favorite cookie and lose their powers of temptation once they have cooled, however, I now stand corrected.
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On your next trip to New York, don't miss the Levaine Bakery.

They are a big hunk, hearty, nutty and flavorful.  ONE recipe makes 8!  Give them away and your lucky friends will love you forever.  Or nibble on one all day long.  You will need a scale to make them and then to weigh yourself after.  It's all good.

Visit A Bountiful Kitchen for everything
you need to know about this cookie - which is plenty!
No need to wait for your next trip to New York.

These were the last of the cookie batch, different sizes. 
While waiting for my hair color to process, I sampled one.
Amazing . . . even on the day after.


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