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The Giving Machines [Light the World]

December 14, 2019

Have you heard of the Giving Machines?  Las Vegas was selected as one of 10 cities worldwide to host this year and we were so excited to participate!  Different locations are chosen each year.  The other nine locations for 2019 are:  Manila Philippines, Laie Oahu Hawaii, Gilbert Arizona, Salt Lake City Utah, Orem Utah, Denver Colorado, San Jose California, New York New York, and London England. 

It's a vending machine with a twist.  Instead of buying a candy bar or chips, you can select from a variety of local and global charity needs.  All proceeds go directly to the participating organizations.  If you ever hear of one coming to your city, join with family or friends to Light the World.

It's super fun and way cool.  We took our entire family and the adults and children alike enjoyed making selections:  glasses, contacts, dental hygiene kits, school shoes, meals, eye exams, chickens, sheep, resuscitation kits, polio vaccines, school uniform, laundry pods, art supplies, and a group community outing.   ("No, Carlie . . . buying a sheep doesn't mean you're taking one home.") 

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After we went out for a breakfast brunch.  A very good morning!


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