#Meet B&B

Two friends growing up in the Land of the Scotties.  Lost then found on Facebook, now hailing from Gulf Breeze, FL and Las Vegas, NV.  Join us!  If your angel wings get a little tattered and you end up riding your broomstick, stop on by for a chat, an afternoon, or dinner for some homespun fun.  We'll keep the light on - and you'll be in good company.

Live simply . . . Pick your pace . . . and enjoy the journey!

By day I instruct 4th graders.  Off the clock I'm a clutter buster. 

I love color, dancing, decorating, reading, writing . . . 

friends, family and fun.  

My husband thinks I love to paint walls.
I blame Chip and Joanna Gaines. 

I am a mother, wife, Montanan turned Floridian,
baker, Hallmark movie lover, retiree, 

jack-of-all -(domestic)-trades, 

volunteer baby rocker . . . soon to be swimmer.

Our back stories:
Did I choose my profession or did it choose me?

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