Dear Friend,

Everyone is busy.  Or has a day full of busy-ness.  And with all their getting what do they have?

Stress, anxiety, insomnia, weight problems, health concerns, financial challenges . . . topped off with a heaping helping of guilt because today didn't turn out like it was supposed to.  For starters, the bed never got made {oh, well}, dishes are still in the sink {soaking}, and tonight the midnight oil is burning bright {again}. 

It's time to slow down, isn't it . . . to live simply, more fully?  You know you want to.  But how?

We invite you to think about what is truly essential.  A life where you are in complete control of the speed you travel while being relaxed enough to enjoy the scenery along the way?  Sounds good, right?   

Join us in this journey as we embrace the act of  becoming.  Each month we will focus on an attribute we can challenge ourselves "to Be".  

Thanks for stopping by!  We enjoy good company.

Live by Design

Live by Design

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