Learning to be Intentional

January 29, 2017

I retired in December of 2015.  Friends (you know who you are) thought I may get bored or run out of things to do.  For the first few months I took it easy, didn't commit to much, except my church responsibilities.  Really, I was afraid if I started out too fast, cleaning out closets, rearranging furniture, etc., etc, I would wear myself out and not accomplish anything.

Gradually I added things to my routine.  Exercise - that was real gradual, and I'm still working on that one.  Sorting through file drawers and paperwork.  Again, remember the word gradual.  Yes, I started on those closets, again, gradually.  Oh, but that's not the word I'm supposed to focus on.  Our word this year is intentional.  So, I was intentionally doing things gradually.

How has it been after a year?  Well, I can't say that I've ever been bored.  If I find myself with nothing to do (or not wanting to do anything), I give myself permission to just sit and read a book.  What have I been doing, you ask?  When you are retired you don't have to get the house clean on Saturday and  plan your meals for a week and do ALL that stuff you used to try to get done on the weekends.  I will admit that the house is not completely cleaned all the time, but I can dust and vacuum on Wednesday, can change sheets on Thursday, clean the bathrooms on Friday and things just work out.  

I watch a lot of Hallmark movies.  I don't sit for two hours and watch them, but I record them and decide which one I'm in the mood for at any given time.  I am a card-carrying, official baby cuddler.  Once a week for four hours I go to the hospital and cuddle babies in the NICU.  I love doing it and it satisfies my baby-fix, because I have no grandchildren of my own (yet).  And I just found out that one day a week at the movie theater, the matinees are only five dollars.  Guess what I did?  Yep, I bought a big plastic bucket of popcorn that I can get refilled all year long for only four dollars a shot.  Planning on taking some friends to the movies for sure.
The thing I love most about retirement is the flexibility it gives me.  I love that when a friend needs me, even if it's just to go close the garage door they left open or turn off their crock pot, I am there for them.  But I am getting pretty busy and in an effort to be intentional - I make a list every night of the things that should be done the next day.  I love that list.  I don't set impossible goals, just what needs to be done.  The list can include things like:  write a letter to a friend; call my aunt for her birthday; clean the hall bathroom;  bake a cake; make a grocery list; write on the blog.  It is very satisfying to cross things off that list.  So if I do something that's not on the list, but I think it is list-worthy, it gets written down, just so I can cross it off.

I love cruising at this speed.

Thanks for listening!  I enjoy good company.


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