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5 Dejunking Decisions

February 14, 2017

Dejunking is the best path to a peaceful life.  Removing excess of anything frees you from being weighed down and allows you more space.  Think of your mind as a computer with only so many gigabytes of storage, or when you get the phone pop-up alerts saying "you can't take that picture - your storage is full - manage it in settings."   Grrr.  It really is for the best.  

Getting organized usually includes systems to manage stuff.  You might be thinking of cute bins and colorful folders, matching cups and pencil holders.  News Alert! . . . you can't organize CLUTTER.  If you have tried, you know it was time wasted.

The following 5 questions will help you in creating more space in your life and mind.  They apply to any area, room, or project you want to streamline.

* Is it useful or beautiful? *

1.  When was the last time I used it?
Unless it is a seasonal or specialty item, this is the most important criteria.  If it hasn't been used in a year, it's not likely it will be used this year either.  Truth.

2.  Would I buy it again today?
It might have been special at one time, but can you say so now?

3.  Do I have room for it?
This is critical!  Unless there is money in the budget for a storage unit, there really needs to be some control over what comes in and stays in your space.  PS . . . storage units are just another dumping ground full of things you have forgotten or refuse to make a decision about.

4.  Would my family want it?
If you were gone tomorrow and your family was left to dispose of or disperse your belongings, would they keep them?  It's hard to think that way isn't it?  But it is a fair question.  Value is only what another person is willing to pay for it.  Be kind and take care of things now.

When I did this "live like you're moving" exercise two years ago, I got the answer to this question.  It was okay.  I found homes for things I felt were of value or donated the others.

5.  Why am I hanging on to it?
"But, that cost a lot of money!"  (If you're not using it, then so what?)
"It reminds me of Aunt Sally when we . . ."  (Take a picture and write about it.)
 "I spent hours making it."  (Find someone who appreciates that talent.)
"My children will want something to remember me by."  (See #4 - give it to them now, then.)

When I was dejunking I came across a charcoal drawing of me when I was 20 - tucked back in the closet.  It is a great likeness.  What to do with it?  It's not even framed.  I can take a picture of it . . . and discard it.  Yikes!  Isn't that sacrilege?  No.

Simplicity is not about deprivation, 
but about creating space for living.

Be brave!
Thanks for stopping by . . . you're in good company,


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