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Clutter Buster: Master Bedroom

February 06, 2017

"Live like you're moving" 

Quit waiting for the moving truck to do what really needs to be done.  
Enjoy more with less.  

The Master Bedroom

With so many cubbies and corners to organize, why the master bedroom?  Wouldn't it be better to start with rooms people see?  Be my guest - this is your journey, but consider the value of having a soft place to begin and land at end of the day.  A sanctuary welcoming you with open arms.  A time and place to retreat and renew.  We'll take it slow.  You pick the pace and enjoy the journey.

Organize your Closet

Closets can easily become a stuffing ground for just about anything until contents start spilling out into the room and swallowing the bed whole.  Let's start purging!  Starting with clothes.  The same decisions will apply in any step of dejunking.  Make three piles (totes, boxes, or garbage bags):

Throw away . . . Give away . . . Sell

Chances are you already know what needs to be done, but haven't because it can become so overwhelming.  Start on a day when you have at least an hour to dive in.  Decide on other "moving days" and work them into your schedule.  Don't take everything out all at once or you'll end up with a big mess on your bedroom floor and nowhere to sleep.  Take a deep breath, set the timer and start moving like a madwoman.  Don't think - just DO!  When the time is up, stop.

Before CPR
This ended up being a great hour spent on a rainy afternoon.

Step One:  Get rid of clothes

  1. You haven't worn in the last year. Or are worn out and shabby.
  2. Don't fit or are out of style.
  3. You don't like - maybe wrong color (ask me) or aren't comfortable

NOTE on #2:  Do you have clothes for different body sizes - separate wardrobes?  Does looking at them every day motivate you?  Probably not.  If you're serious about wearing them again, pack them away in a tote for now and focus on looking great in whatever size you are currently.  Keep in mind, though, they most likely will be out of style when that day comes.

Do you have multiples of the same thing?  How many white tops does one person need?  Continue whittling down until everything fits comfortably in its own space.  You might be thinking, "If I get rid of these clothes, I won't have anything to wear."  Stop and think some more - you aren't wearing them now.  Let them go or let someone else enjoy them.  You can do it.  We're cheering you on!

P.S.  Don't second guess yourself.  If you need extra support with the unwanted items, get a friend to help by whisking it away for you.

Step Two:  Organize

This part depends wholly on how particular you are or your OCD level.  I personally have all my clothes - warm and cooler weather - hanging in one closet.  Separate them by color, season, style, etc., but make sure being too organized doesn't drive you crazy when it isn't.  I happen to like matching hangers, but that's the extent of my perfectionism.   The goal is to live more simply not to be more perfect.   



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