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Dream Island

February 23, 2017

My Mr. B has spent the last 3+ years updating our home.  It's been a great house that we built about 31 years ago.  Other than painting some rooms, we haven't really done much to the interior.  I'm going to share one little gem with you today.  We had a big bar in our kitchen, with lots or storage under it.  But I wanted the bar gone, for two reasons:  1) to open the kitchen up to the rest of the house; and 2) My Mr. B built an awesome table and I wanted easy flow (for all those dinner parties that I don't have) from the table around the island that I had envisioned.   We weren't enlarging the kitchen, so it was going to take some planning. 

This is what I got, designed by me and built by My Mr. B. 

Let's take a closer look at that baby.  If you open the top drawers there are sealed plastic containers on the inside.  One will hold 25 pounds of flour and the other 25 pounds of sugar.  When I was  growing up in Montana my mother had a cutting table made that had two tin-lined bins that would hold 100 pounds of flour and 100 pounds of sugar.  Mr. B said we couldn't have tin lined bins, because we have bugs in Florida.

 There are 3 drawers along the bottom.  One holds mixing bowls, another holds Tupperware, etc., and the other has my platters, cookie sheets, etc., in them.  Remember I said we didn't enlarge the kitchen, so those drawers can be opened from either side of the island.

There is a faux (did I spell that correctly) drawer next to the sugar drawer - because on the other side is, wait for it --- my micro drawer.  Our old microwave was 36 years old and was a Norelco.  It was huge and wouldn't die.
As a matter of fact, years ago when were were struct by lightening and everything was zapped out, TV's, oven, phones, computer - that microwave lived on.  When I told my husband I wanted a micro drawer, he thought I was talking about the size of my underwear and told me I had outgrown micro drawers.  He is a funny guy.

On the micro drawer side there are two little drawers just the right size for rolling pins and small plastic containers.
And then on top a couple of faux drawers.  These are on the back side of my flour and sugar drawers, thus the small size.

Now remember I said we took out a bar that was on one end of the kitchen.  Well, my son and his best friend (who are in their late 20's now) were not happy about that.  "Oh, no, we spent years eating at that bar!! Please don't take out the bar!!"  Well, just to make those boys happy, the end of the island has a space big enough for 2 bar stools.

I love my island and the functionality of it.  If you come see me, I will even make some food and put it on the island so you can see how I envisioned those dinner parties flowing as people walk around the island and fill up their plates.

Thanks for stopping by!  I enjoy good company.



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