February: Be Available

February 03, 2017

In thinking about a focus for this month, I naturally thought about be "loving".  What does that word really look like though?  Kind, thoughtful, giving?  It's become so generic and watered down there must be a more specific intention to show people you care enough to give your very best.  When Brooke suggested AVAILABLE it immediately resonated with me.  What better way is there to nurture a relationship than to be present in the moment.  Your heart will grow 3 sizes. 

Will it take more work or time?  Are cookies involved?  You decide.  

* When someone is talking . . . listen with your eyes.  It will communicate you are open and interested.

* If you meet and greet your neighbor at the mailbox, leave a space in time to chat if they want to.  Our next door neighbor has been a Special OPs trainer and always has fascinating info.  Mr. B doesn't see him often but those minutes are well spent and golden.  

* When you see a long face, offer a hug and a "tell me about it".  

* If a friend knocks at your door to drop something off . . . invite them in.  Chances are they will say "no, I've got some errands to run."  If they do come in, count yourself blessed.

* Pick up the phone and call your mother, sister, or kindred spirit.

* Always pack an extra smile in your purse.

Are you noticing something significant here?  You are opening up your heart to someone else first . . . you're noticing them.  They may never even ask how you are doing, and that's okay, right?  HOWEVER, if they do, be available to share in kind.  Relationships don't work one-way - that's a dead end.

So, the next time Mr. B asks me to go to Home Depot or Bass Pro, I will be intentionally available. 

And make some cookies.



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