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A New Facelift

March 10, 2017

My husband is so happy when he is working on a project (of his own choosing).  I always have a list of things I would like done, but many times they don't make HIS list.  If/when he works on my lists it will take a LOT of time:  redo bathroom, remodel kitchen, build new deck, etc., etc., etc. Even though he picks and chooses his own projects, nine times out of ten I am the lucky beneficiary of his hard work.  Here is the latest:

A couple of years ago in Seattle we had seen an old lumber cart that had been fixed up.  So my husband has been on the look-out for one ever since.  To his delight he found one and got it for FREE.  Someone was happy to get rid of it.  As they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." 

We are not really coffee table people, but I'm getting used to this baby.  My husband cleaned up the cast iron wheels and hardware.  The wood was all rotten so he had to make a new top and sides.  All of this wood is from trees that came up in a friend's yard after one of our hurricanes years ago.  Then he screwed on the wheels and other hardware.  It is so beautiful.  Can't wait for you to see it.

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