March: Be Brave

March 04, 2017

I know a special little girl who is absolutely fearless.  Unstoppable!  Snakes and gators don't scare her; and her element is skiing, horse riding and driving a razor at the dunes.  At two she was having a go at wake boarding saying, "Throw me rope.  Throw me rope!"  And yet, her favorite candy is plain M&M's.  Lol.

I want to be like her when I grow up. 

When do we lose that sense of wonder?  The thrill of adventure.  At a certain age or stage?  Not necessarily, but we think twice about risks, don't we?  If I break a leg, who will take care of the family?  If I mess up, will people laugh?  If I fail, will I be able to show my face?  Fear is our own worst enemy.  But remember . . .

Fear is a reaction.  Courage is a decision.  - Winston S. Churchill

Is there a something still waiting on your Bucket List?
Is there a wrong that needs to be repaired?
Is there an elephant in the room taking up too much space?
Is there a talent begging to be nurtured?

Be brave.  Take risks.  Nothing can substitute experience.  - Cielo Paulo

Be intentionally BRAVE this month - because you can and happiness depends on it.

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