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3 Decorator Tips [Master Bedroom Re-do]

March 06, 2017

Every so many years I do my part to fuel the economy with two of my favorite stores -- Pottery Barn and Calico Corners. A word to the would-be-wise, though.  It's simply IMPOSSIBLE to walk into Calico Corners without dreams turning into dollars!  I know how to sew and have sewed many drapes, valances and pillows, but now and then I'm willing to splurge and let someone else do it.

This time it all started with my decision to have a romantic master bedroom just for me.  In the past I've been considerate to forego many frills and fluff and pillows a man wouldn't appreciate.  Once, I carefully selected and had a custom quilt made that wouldn't be too heavy on Mr B's feet.  He still ended up folding it back and dropping it to the floor.  Well, if that's the case, then why not have something I like. 

Decorating Tip #1:  Choose 3 words to describe the look you want.
Romantic, restful, soft

Pottery Barn's silk/cotton blend blanket is sinfully soft!  In case you can't tell, I no longer "make" my bed.  Not quite the casual, rumpled look of PB, but folding back the blanket shows the reversible side.  The white embroidered pillow shams are also from Pottery Barn.  I used to have King pillow shams, but decided  on standard sizes for veratility the next time I change my mind.  

Tip #2:  Choose your color scheme around something you love and not everything has to match perfectly.

With all delicious color palettes to choose from, it can make you delirious, but as soon as I saw this striped silk fabric, I fell in love.  It is a muted, grayed greenish-blueish with soft gold and ivory.  And what would a Bee Queen's bedroom be without a bee pillow?

The wall color was color-matched from the striped pillow.  At first I didn't know if it would be too dark, but it's perfect.

I'm not a fan of my old country, knotty pine furniture, but I have to be reasonable and draw the line somewhere.  Still looking for something perfect to go on the wall above our bed.  The picture I have is now too big for the space.

Tip #3:  Make it livable, yet still satisfying the Decorating Diva within.  

Okay.  This isn't necessarily the case.  Mr B sits on this love seat every day -- on the left -- to do his reading.    Consequently, the pillows get moved willy nilly.  I tell him he needs to alternate sides to wear the couch out evenly.  He ignores me. 

After putting the bed together, I could see Mr B still folded the blanket back and dropped it to the floor.  Not my silky treasure!  Back to Calico Corners to have some benches made.  LOVE THEM!  (our carpet looks gray, but it really is an ivory color.  On second thought, maybe it just needs to be cleaned :(

The Good News for my Hub?  I told him he no longer needs to make the bed -- when he is the last one out.

Lest you think I'm high maintenance or have no regard for my Hub in this master bedroom makeover . . . these hang opposite our bed where he can dream about them.

                                               The real love of his life.


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