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The "Room" Re-do

March 27, 2017

Speaking of cleaning house -- I know everyone keeps tuning in to see what happened HERE.  I waited for those decorators to offer their help, but alas no calls came in.  

So here's what happened:  Everything was taken out of the room.  The leak was fixed.  The hole in the closet wall was repaired.  Carpet and pad were dried out and stretched.  (Really wanted to put down the hard wood floor, but husband said to wait and do the whole house at the same time.)  The walls were painted.

Next up:  Girls' trip to Atlanta to scope out Ikea.  One of my girlfriends, Pat, is a pro at putting a room together, laying it out and then assembling everything.  We drove the 6 hours to Atlanta on a Friday after work.  Checked into the fancy Ritz Carlton (special room rate), ate supper and got ready for Saturday.

Saturday morning we headed to Ikea, with a plan.  At Ikea we made notes, added prices, measured and left with nothing.  After lunch and a movie we went back to our fancy hotel room to do more planning and pricing.
We ordered room service . . . Then fell sleep watching Pretty Woman.

The next morning we hit Ikea when they opened and we had a plan.  We were checked out, loaded up and headed back to Florida in 30 minutes.  Pat's Tahoe was stuffed to the top.  When we got home, all the boxes were unloaded in the "room" and we left them there.

I should explain that my husband can, and does, build anything and everything -- but at this time he had just had a total hip replacement and shoulder surgery.  I made him stay out.  In fact, the next week I sent my son and my husband to visit my mother-in-law about 4 hours away.  Pat showed up that morning at 8:00 and we started tearing boxes open.  Did I mention that Pat is a PRO at putting these things together!!!

When my guys came home 10 hours later this is what they found -- DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!!!

Please come in.  Here is my work station.  

Behind my chair is the file cabinet and beautiful glass door cabinets.

Sitting at my desk I can watch TV and everything is in it's place.  Above the TV is a poster of the Mission and Swan Valleys of Montana.  I spent many summers in my youth on Flathead Lake visiting my grandfather.  

There's even a record player so I can listen to my tunes.  

Won't find some of these on iTunes.
Anne Murray, Don Williams, The Carpenters.  Jeanne Collins is a fiddle player from Northeast Montana.  She made her album when she was still in high school.  

And of course, there's the very first at home exercise program. My mom and I used to put this on and exercise together.  Just to show you - here is Mom in 1970 exercising to that record.

I still make messes when I have projects going on.  But I try, before moving on to the next project, to put things back in their place.  It really is my room now and I can't blame anyone else if things are out of place.  Come over and visit sometime.  I even have a comfy chair you can sit back and relax in.

Little did I know as I was enjoying this new space - there was another leak brewing on the other end of the house.  It reared it's ugly head the week before Easter.  So up next - 2 bathroom remodels.

Thanks for stopping by.  I enjoy good company.


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