#Smile 365

April Smiles [Top Ten]

April 29, 2017

1.  Listening to church leaders in my pajamas
2.  Sunday night dinners with my guys
3.  Taking my friends to Jerry's Drive-in for burgers
4.  The new fence that My Mr. B and I built
5.  My new linen shirt
6.  Taste testing donuts
7.  Sitting by the pool reading a book
8.  Falling asleep by the pool while reading a book
9.  Taking all my girls from church to see Charlotte's Web
10. Watching one of my girls perform in Charlotte's Web

1.  Listening to church leaders from my couch
2.  Cooing of Morning doves
3.  "You've got a name" from Family Search
4.  Weekend with friends
5.  Vegetarian black bean burger from George's in St George
6.  Sunday dinner/relaxing w family
7.  Sunshine - no wind
8.  Compliments on a skirt - was expensive but has paid for itself time again in compliments
9.  Relaxing with a book
10. Friday night with the grandkiddos

Be one of those people who smiles in the rain.


  1. Looks like we had a several things in common this month! :)

    1. I'm trying to be more like you!!


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