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Give your Room a Facelift

April 07, 2017

Mr. B knows how much I love to decorate, so I went into shock and then was transported to 7th Heaven when he said, "I would like to change the feel of our living room."  Before racing to Pinterest I calmly asked, "You know what this means, right?  There's a domino effect to every decor change, right?"  After 25+ years of marriage he's fully aware of the consequences in living with a woman who loves change.  

My next question was, "What 3 words describe what you want?"  Inviting, relaxing, warm.

Time for some home CPR - Categorize, Purge, Rearrange!  

Several questions were considered:
  • What to do with the large antique sideboard
  • What to do with the traditional furniture made of fabric to last the eternities
  • What to do with four windows - that wasn't too pricey
  • What to do with the colors
#1  The sideboard was a lovely showpiece we inherited from the in-laws because our home was the only one big enough.  It was too large to use with a dining table, so we held our breath and sold it.

#2  We swapped the living and family room furniture.  It breathed new life into each of the rooms!  The leather sofa and love seat made the living room more casual and inviting.  The traditional furniture was surprisingly very comfortable and made the family room seem more cozy!  Who knew?

Moving furniture and decor groupings really spices up a tired room.  We all need a change, right?

#3  I'm loving the painted window panels we did from a Pinterest idea.  I chose the color to repeat the pillow covers I made.

#4  There are so many different color themes to fall in love with.  We already had gold running through our home, so I stayed with it and added in grays.  It's very interesting to see gold coming back in fixtures and frames.  

Mr B and I aren't fancy, but when we're at home we want to feel relaxed.  Our home is a place of peace and warmth.

Stop by sometime.  We enjoy good company.



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