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April 02, 2017

If you have time to reach out and touch someone . . . who do you call and why?

An hour on the phone?  To some it would be a waste of time.  To others it’s an investment.  How can you tell who is which?  Elementary, my dear; but it requires a well-tuned ear to determine if they are listening with real intent or making faces and hand puppet motions, waiting for the last goodbye. 
I find the gift of gab reduces stress, and I welcome it.  Even so, not everyone feels they have the luxury of personal time.  So, who would I call? 

Someone who:
relishes great conversation
doesn’t have a checklist
can wander off topic
forgets the time
opens up, lets you in
can pick up where you left off
I only know two people who qualify . . . my mother and a friend I will call "Anne".  She is much like the kindred spirit who grew up at Green Gables.
We met as many young mothers do, through our children.   As our friendship grew, she needed someone to confide in about her controlling, emotionally abusive husband.   I knew them both and would never have guessed the turmoil behind the smiles.  I listened without judging and when she divorced and moved away, I still called. 
Anne had a way of laughing at the ridiculous.  Her ability to remain positive while in the midst of the storm was nothing short of amazing.   I marvel that she could endure years of oppression and still walk away with her head held high and a healthy self esteem still intact.  She is an incredible mother to five children who have found their way out of a dark forest through her love and guidance.
If had an hour to invest, not kill . . . I would call Anne, and I do.  She inspires me, and laughter is never a wasted moment. 

Thanks for listening!  I enjoy good company.


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