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Let's Build A Wall

May 24, 2017

So you remember that house reno that we've been working on for a while?  I'm going to share another story about that.  I'm so glad that I had Pinterest and other blogs to explore and look at while doing this.  We have one wall in our bedroom that had no windows or doors.  It's the wall that our headboard is up against.  Well, I told My Mr. B that I wanted a plank wall.  He said, "What is that?"  I responded, "We just put some boards on the wall and paint them the same color as the walls."  I told him it would add texture to the room.  That's a new word I learned during this process.  He didn't quite understand the purpose, but said okay.

When I came home from work one day this is what I found.  

It was beautiful and smelled great.  But I said, "Now we have to paint it."  I was met with much resistance.  The wall stayed that way for weeks, maybe months.  He just couldn't bring himself to paint it.  Everyone that came to our house was asked their opinion about whether to paint or not to paint.

Let me back up a bit.  The reason it smelled so good is because that is cedar on the wall.  Several years ago we took the cedar siding off the front and back porch and replaced it with Hardie board siding.  My Mr. B doesn't throw anything away - he collects wood - really.  So those boards used to look like this.  He planed them down and created that beautiful wall.  He says putting the wall up was one of the easiest projects.

This is what that wood looked like before it was cleaned up

And planed down flat

Then I explained to him that he was going to build me a barn-style door for the closet and also a bed (at some point).  When he built those, they would be made out of some other wood and I didn't want it to clash with the cedar.  Therefore, we really did need to paint the wall.

After practicing on a few boards that weren't on the wall, we reached a compromise.  He painted and I would wipe it with a soft rag.  He scuffed it up a little on the edges with a sander.  And then, because cedar is rough and not really smooth, My Mr. B put a couple of coats of low gloss finish on it.  That way it will wipe clean easier when I'm in one of my "let's clean the whole house, walls and all" kind of moods.  Those moods don't strike very often, but I wanted to be prepared
(Please excuse the bad picture.  It was the only one I could find.)

Here is the finished product.  

And here is the closet door.  Nice contrast, right?  

You'll have to stay tuned to see what the bed looks like.  It's on the list of things to do, but not really at the top.  There is always something going on around here.

You should come visit.  Maybe you'll find something in My Mr. B's wood pile that you need.


  1. Wow! Your Mr B is brave to do that without you OR you are really diplomatic and tactful. Either way it's simply beautiful!

    1. Wait till you see the next wall!!


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