#Smile 365

May Smiles [Top Ten]

May 31, 2017

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1.   Having my family all together for a week
2.   Spending time with Della and Oslo and their parents
3.   She said "Yes" to the dress
4.   Babysitting Jessa, our great niece
5.   Babysitting Jackson
6.   Mother's day phone calls with my aunts
7.   Ballet recitals
8.   Pool water that's warm enough to swim in
9.   A finished card project
10. The whole house really was clean one day

1.   Baptism quilt DONE
2.   Wardrobe malfunction at Church (probably won't ever see again!)
3.   1st grader reciting the Gettysburg Address with power and feeling
4.   Dance recital
5.   A day without wind
6.   Mother's day with my Fam
7.   "Pause in your step and walk with me, Mrs. Baldwin" (4th-grader)
8.   Six days with granddaughter #1 (eating out, shopping, temple baptisms)  
9.   New rose bushes
10. House (first floor) and backyard totally spring cleaned


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