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Trash or Treasure? [3 Tips]

May 20, 2017

Before we clear the clutter, it's important to be able to recognize it, right?  Is it trash or a treasure?  Of course, it depends on you.  One man's junk is . . . you know the rest.
The task of de-junking can be daunting and requires objectivity.  Sometimes we become too attached to "things" and need a clutter buddy.  The following checklist will help in the decision-making process.

What is Clutter?

It can be disguised as anything.
  • Cheap is easily disposable - It wouldn't cost much to replace.
  • Expensive - Refrain from putting a price tag on an item.  It's real value is only what another is willing to pay for it.
  • Sentimental - Many struggle with this one.  Antiques and family heirlooms come with memories.  They also can be clutter.  It's been my experience the next generation isn't typically interested in old things.  Consider taking a picture and writing about the memory or about the person who gave you the gift.  

It can be too much of a good thing.
  • Collectibles:  What starts out as a hobby, can turn into clutter.  I love (or used to love) collecting things - Mary Engelbreit, Nancy Drew books, Harry Potter watches, holiday decor, pretty dishes, and bee things.   Whew!  However, when they no longer brought me joy, I found them a new home - sell, give away or throw away.  If you can display your collectibles in an attractive way, then great!  Anything that is stored in a closet, however, should be re-evaluated.  The downside of letting people know you are a collector is they always buy those as gift items.  NOTE to SELF:  Stay away from Ebay!
  • Clothes, shoes, kitchen gadgets can quickly multiply.  Just because you paid good money for them, doesn't mean they are of value anymore.  

It's a space invader.
  • If you don't have room for it, it's clutter.  Clear and simple.  It is what it is.  Beauty = Peace.  The brain has to catalog and keep track of everything you bring into your home and life.  It's exhausting! If things start piling up and getting dusty and you don't have the energy to clean them and you start feeling more tired and there isn't enough space for joy . . . it's time to clear the clutter and make room for breathing.

The 2017 Clear the Clutter campaign is an intentional lifestyle.  Everything in our homes and lives should be by design, not default.  Surround yourself with the useful and beautiful.  You will love the peaceful feeling!  I promise.

Thanks for joining us!  We enjoy good company. 


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