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Building Another Wall

June 08, 2017

My Mr. B's tractor broke down.  He's patiently waiting for a part that he had to order to come in so he can get rolling again.  Lucky me, though, because he decided to work on one of my requested projects.

Here's a little history.  Many years ago My Mr. B's church was redoing their library.  They pulled up the vinyl flooring - and guess what?  Old hardwood floors were under it!!  They pulled those up, too, and threw them in the garbage.  My Mr. B and his best Bud (that's his name) happened to be at the church that night and saw that flooring going in the dumpster.

I'm sure you could guess this, but I'll just tell you - those two guys became certified dumpster divers that night.  They got all those floor boards and brought them home.  This was some of the first wood in My Mr. B's collection.

The front door
The original wall.
 Fast forward and I am watching Fixer Upper one night.  It's the episode where Chip and Joanna are fixing a house up for an Army Veteran.  Joanna asked Chip to save the old hardwood flooring.  

Although it couldn't be salvaged for flooring, Joanna and Chip put it on a wall by the front door.  Do you see where I'm going with this?

I went and got My Mr. B and asked if we had enough of the library floor boards to do that on a wall that faces our front door.  Yes, he thought there was plenty.  With a broken tractor and a few days of rain, My Mr. B just worked in his shop building another wall for me.  He decided not to sand the boards/wall.  The vinyl had been glued to this floor and there was a bunch of dried glue on it.  He cleaned that off and we both liked the "old barn wood" look we got.  The boards are not attached to the wall.  It's more of a "floating" wall.  

My Mr. B thinks it's important that you know that this is tongue and groove and end matched and random lengths.  He said just in case anybody was reading this that would know about those things.
The red mirror has been in a corner on the back porch patiently waiting for it's placement.  I think it looks great.  Shabby Chic, right?

My Mr. B may get his tractor part tomorrow and that's good. He has piles of dirt and gravel that need to be moved.  And I get to scratch another thing off my list!!

Come visit and I'll let you in the front door!!


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