June: Be Healthy

June 02, 2017

Summer vacation from school sure isn't what it used to be, is it?  I remember getting three solid months off, and even that didn't seem to be enough time from schedules.  Even if you work year round, there is something lovely about the summer months.  Vacations are looked forward to or more time is spent with family and friends.  We give ourselves an excuse to relax. Or at least lighten up. 

Any time of the year can be perfect to start living a more healthy lifestyle.  If you missed ignored the usual call to exercise in January, no worries, start now.  Today even.  After Christmas I asked Brooke if she had a Fitbit . . . she said, "No, but I've been known to throw a bit of a fit."  Join us this month and be "intentional" about being healthy.  You can decide what it means. 

What jumps out at you first?  Do you need to:
  1. manage stress
  2. eat healthier foods
  3. get a physical
  4. exercise regularly
  5. get off some medications
  6. release weight
  7. establish better sleep patterns
  8. live a balanced life
Pick one area and begin by establishing a routine of change.  Keep the momentum going - it's much easier than starting again and again.  I'm doing #4 and #2 and expect #6 to happen naturally.

Create healthy habits, not restrictions.

Leave a comment with your choice and let us know how you're doing.  Thanks for joining us!



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