#Smile 365

June Smiles [Top Ten]

June 28, 2017

1.    Matthew's smile on his Baptism day
2.    Seeing a white Temple and picture frame made out of Legos
3.    An outdoor evening with friends and favorite things
4.    School field day - cloud cover, mild wind, 85-90 degrees - Perfection for June in  Las Vegas
5.    Dodge ball game - Staff vs Students
6.    A totally de-junked and organized office desk and closets
7.    3 wigs laying (or is it lying) on the freeway exit ramp - What's that story?!
8.    3 kiddos spending the weekend with us - swimming, movie, shopping and target shooting
9.    Lush green New York countryside
10.  Totally awesome LDS Church history road trip with friends!

1.   Early morning devotionals
2.   Yardwork - Really (in small doses)
3.   Dinner out with friends
4.   BLT sandwiches, with our own tomatoes
5.   Swimming in the pool in the morning
6.   Bike rides
7.   Swimming in the pool in the evening
8.   Beautiful sunsets
9.   Family dinners with my guys
10. 37 years with My Mr. B


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