Push the Panic Button!

June 26, 2017

How many conversations have you had which take a turn to . . . I need to lose weight - I need to get back to the gym - I need to lower my cholesterol - I need to reduce stress.  I have high blood pressure.  I have diabetes.  I have anxiety.  And much too frequently now - my friend has cancer.  Of course, there are the other mental and emotional challenges people don't talk about.

We're all smart enough or have lived long enough to understand the value of good health.  It's Priceless.  

The question is:  What is your picture of health?  

(Mr B's cousin has this in their guest room.  True, right!)

"I want to run and play with my grand kids on the beach."
"I want to run a 5k, 10k, a marathon."
"I want to be able to get up off the floor."
"I want to ride a bike without huffing and puffing - or even climb stairs."
"I want to wear a size # .
"I want to say good-bye to muffin tops."
"I want to manage my pain and inflammation."
"I want to build more muscle and have more flexibility."
"I want to cut out some of my Rx's.
"I want to get back into my skinny wardrobe."
"I want to drink more water, eat a healthy, balanced diet."
"I want to eat more greens."
"I want to look good and feel great!"   

Did you notice a lot of "needs" and "wants"?  Not so much of the "I am or I can ".

This month of June we are being Intentional about our health.  It's well worth the time considering how we take care of our bodies.  They will slow down and wear out, but the goal is to have our quality of years surpass the quantity of days.

So, what pushes your panic button?
  • 5 lbs - same as the 5 mph over the speed limit guideline
  • Tight clothing.  I refuse to buy bigger clothes or depend upon stretchy fabrics.
  • Dr visits
  • Photographs!
  • Weddings and Reunions
  • Swimsuit season
Need some help?

Reading:  The Slight Edge is working for or against us every day with every choice.  It's my #1 motivational book for sustained effort. 

Supplements:  With the compromises in our food and the calories lurking about,  I'm ok with taking supplements. I've heard people say they are just expensive P.  Well, sometimes our bodies just need a little edge in the battle of the bulge or just simply living life to the fullest.  

Here is what Mr B and I are currently using.  I don't get compensated for the Gundry products - they just make us feel good and responsible.  We are on the VIP plan which also makes us feel important and more thrifty. 

Dr Gundry - powdered supplements
Vital Reds - tastes so good Mr B doesn't drink his sugary fruit juice in the morning.
Primal Plants - greens I can take consistently without plugging my nose.
I also use his Prebio Thrive - prebiotic supplement.

Chocolate Orgain - the only protein drink I like love.  I don't buy it regularly because I have to remember to order it.  Comes in a powder, but I haven't tried it.  Great for on the go or after the gym.

There's no magic pill.
Sorry to burst your bubble.
It's a lifestyle choice.

What works for you?


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