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Summer CPR Job #1 [office desk]

June 29, 2017

Do you have problems with stuffiness?  Feeling a little tired?  Need some CPR?  

I did every time I looked at my office desk.
Everybody is hiding something, right?
I didn't even let you see this mess in the post 3 Signs your Home needs CPR.
The movie "Secret Life of Pets" comes to mind.
Who knows what kind of partying goes on behind closed doors.
The "Secret Life of Supplies". 

Sorry it's not more clear - I'm having storage problems on my iCloud as well.  I googled why my phone isn't in a sharing mode, and it involved logging out of my iCloud and then logging back in.   The password I have doesn't work - Another day and time.  I had to take a screenshot of a picture.  Grrr.  You get the idea.  Just a whole lot of this and that and stuffing for a year . . . or two?  But who's counting.

It was Job #1 on my CPR list this summer.  Poof and Wala!  I ran to tell Mr B when he got home from work . . . before he could ask me, "What did you do today?"  He said, "That's nice."  Which translated means, "That's nice."  It's as good as it gets.

Many things got thrown away or put in a more logical place.  I even bought a new aqua scissor and tape dispenser to celebrate.   (by the black and white striped box)  

If you're thinking, "What about that orangey oak color?"  Trust me.  I think about it often, but another day and time.  I'm just lovin' the free open spaces.

There usually isn't an ethereal glow about my filing cabinets, but there is now.  The collection of papers accumulating on them got pretty gnarly.  Rumors are in the air about getting my she-retreat this fall. 

The other half of our bonus room/office/reading nook has been this way for a couple years after moving things around in our family room.  I had forgotten about the floral pillows, though.  I'm not usually so crazy, but I dry cleaned them with the intent to give to Deseret Industries (like Goodwill).  I know, I know.  Who does that?  After spending the $ I decided to keep them a little longer, and now they brighten up the old, comfortable couch.  This is one of my favorite spaces.  Do you have a dusty guitar leaning against a wall, too?  Another day, another time.

Thanks for stopping by!  I enjoy good company.


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